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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Relegate Rugs to the Floor?

While catching up on my Apartment Therapy posts the other day I came cross Maxwell's write- up on Madeline Weinrib rugs. The shop has been carrying them for a while and the rugs have been a big hit! They are a perfect way to punch up a room in your home. While typically used in a dining or living room - we decided to mix it up with our passion - the bedroom! Check out this fun look:
We layered the Brook in Indigo over our wing-backed headboard for a unique, custom look. This bed just makes me smile every time I walk in store! This look would also work well over a simple rectangle headboard.

Of course, we still love our MW on the floor - come check out some of the great samples we have in the shop. Which ones are you favorite? A few of mine......
This shade of blue makes me want to do a whole room around this rug - Mandella in Blue
Orleans in Pink- One of her newest!

Westly in Blue - Another new pattern that comes in great colorways.

Olivia in Celery - LOVE this surprisingly neutral color and pattern - Great for a foyer!

For the person who is truly neutral....Song in Pumpernickel

For the super bold and confident homeowner - Emma in Red

Ahhhh...the wonderful blue with playful pinwheels - Carleen in Indigo

We can also order her fun pillows - check out a few of the great prints:
Her famous Ikat - I'm sure you've seen this a few dozen times in magazine photos - Luce in Iris.

You can't go wrong with adding some punch to a neutral palette - Mu in Brown.
Great pillows for this time of year or at a beach house - Organic Block Print.
My personal favorite - the Brooke and Zig-Zag patterns below are the same prints as her famous rugs - Wouldn't recommend doing matching rugs and pillows, however!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, Boy – What a Year!

Before the blink of an eye the shop’s one year anniversary has come and gone. Gramercy opened its doors in May 2008 and it’s been a wild ride ever since. The girls will be ever grateful for all the friends and family who pitched in to help get the store up and running. Everything from unpacking boxes and working a couple of shifts to supporting the store through shopping and spreading the word were integral pieces to a successful first year.

What the girls didn’t expect (and continue to be blown away by) is the amazing support of the shops clientele. Beyond being customers - so many of the wonderful people who shop at Gramecry have become great friends.

Then – there were the other fun additions to the store…In May, Cam had a little baby boy. Whit has become quite the shop baby and we just love having him here when his schedule allows. We also are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jenny’s little girl who is due in October. Needless to say it’s been a fun year!

The girls have stayed busy adding new lines to the store and constantly evaluating how to provide the best products and services to our wonderful customers. Stay tuned for peeks into what is new for the shop!

And, thank you all for your support so far - we are excited to see what this next year brings!


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