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Friday, May 28, 2010

Passion for Peacock

Do you see a pattern here?

High Street Market


I recently realized I have saved various versions of the same furniture idea - this peacock piece.  I have a buffet that I want to refinish in this color and didn't realize how much so until I discovered I had at least three images that were almost identical!  Guess I better get on it.

My real reason for posting about "Peacock" today is that it is my sisters birthday - she's obsessed with Liberty of London's Plume prints.  I looked at many different options of things to give her this year as many lines incorporated the print and fabric this season.  I won't tell you what I got her (I don't want to ruin her surprise if she happens to read this first), but I have a bunch of my favorite "plume" printed items below...

We have these BEAUTIFUL printed napkins and pillows in the shop. I'm obsessed. It's the real Liberty of London fabric so it's super soft, light weight and wonderful.

If you look closely - in the bottom left corner - you can see a plume tissue box cover. 

As most of you know, Target did a fun line of reasonably priced LoL prints on everything from folders to bicycles.  I'm particularly fond of these sweet mugs.
Or, this fantastic bathing suit at J.Crew.  Hmmm, options are endless...

I just had to add this picture of Fiesta's Peacock.  My sis (I'm visiting her this weekend) collects these fun dishes (new and vintage).  I had given her some peacock pieces without ever seeing them in person.  I am in love with this color now and will certainly have to add a few pieces to my all white dishes. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pretty Monogram Towels

We just monogrammed these towels for a customer and I love the way they came out...What do you think?

We always have such pretty things and rarely snap a photo before they go out the door. I was glad I had my camera in my hand when these were complete. 
I think the two tones of the embroidery really adds a nice touch.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Little Monkey Turned One!

Gramercy's first shop baby just turned one. Mama C planned a fantastic bash for Little W and it couldn't have been cuter...

It was a back yard fete and no detail was left unturned...I love the bananas in the "cabana" and on the snack table!

Check out the fun Monkey/Cake spread...Big Cake, Smash Cake and Cupcakes. 

Hmmm... Checking out his Smash Cake...

I think he likes it!

Such a thoughtful touch - all the little guest received these adorable sock monkeys as party favors. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy - You have brought all of us so much joy this past year! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Inside Out: Outdoor Spaces w/ the Comfort of Indoors

Sunday's post featured spaces that brought the outdoors in...Today's post highlights some amazing spaces that bring the indoors out!

I am coveting a covered porch like this Charleston piazza.   I don't think I would ever go inside - just bring me a cocktail and I'll be here all day!

Adding curtains outside seems like such a luxury...
Southern Accents

This room reflects two of my favorite things: Tom Scheerer design and purple (my all time favorite color).  I'm wondering if Tom is going to start thinking I'm stalking him.

This breezy, beachy porch in sunsational colors makes me crave a fruity drink.  Vacation every day if you live here.

Finally, my FAVORITE outdoor luxury - a shower.  I was not keen on the idea until about 10 years ago when I started vacationing at a friends beach house with an outdoor shower.  It is now one of my favorite things to do after a long day at the beach.  Of course you need space with lots of privacy - unless you are a bit of an exhibitionist.

Wishing you all happy weekend with lots of time spent visiting with friends outside!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Girl + Shelli Allen Photography

Jenny received a special gift from a dear friend - a six month sitting with photographer Shelli Allen.  Jenny wrote today's post because she was so impressed with Shelli and had a wonderful time working with her - she was just bursting to share...Words cannot express how adorable Baby Betts is and how magically Shelli captured her spirit AND her surroundings. 
I can’t help looking at the above picture and thinking that I have the cutest munchkin in the world. And she makes my heart so full. Thank you God for blessing me with the precious gift of motherhood.

I wish I could hit a pause button on life sometimes. My baby is growing too fast. Thank goodness for sweet images from a precious photographer. When BB was born I was given a very special gift of a photography sitting with the very talented Shelli Allen. Shelli is a precious soul and was blessed with such a gift. She is a beautiful and spunky little thing that has some serious magic up her sleeve when it comes to getting a six month old to smile.

When I opened my email and found these images my heart melted. right out of my chest. Uhmm…can you say beautiful? Shelli captured BB’s spirit for sure. I am a little biased but I had to share.

And this picture was too cute not to post. This is Shelli’s daughter…and she is already following in her mom’s footsteps. I could eat her up…

And how about Shelli’s Penleys in the background? I have a serious weakness for art. And these pictures of our Savior are divine.

Be sure to check out Shell's website and her blog - both are simply beautiful!

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Pillows: Adam + Viktoria

We just added these whimsical (yet refined) pillows to the shop and I can't stop touching the soft, appliqued velvet. The colors are somehow both brilliant and muted - a perfect balance.  The Swedish design duo clearly hit the nail on the head - or, more appropriately - the needle on the thread!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Outside In: Living Spaces that Capture the Outdoors

I spent this weekend dog-sitting at my parents house.  My favorite thing about their house is the large wall of windows in the family room that overlooks a tree-filled yard and park.  Leaving the doors open (screen doors, obviously, in this buggy season) with fans running is a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.  I think that any decor could do if you have a beautiful space that brings the outside in...Of course, these rooms are fabulously decorated.  Ah, heaven.

Images via Coastal Living

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gramercy turns TWO!!

 Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday dear G-R-A-M-E-R-C-Y - Happy Birthday to us! 

I just adore this image of cupcakes. If we were having a big birthday party I would want to serve these beauties for sure.  I first became aware of the baker/designer (Whimsical Bakehouse) from the PVE Blog.  Both are great places to check out!

It's been such a fun couple of years.  The Gramercy Girls are excited about the shop turning TWO.  The number two is represented in a lot of what we do...
* 2 Shop Owners
* 2 Shop Babies
* 2 Shop Options (store and website)

Of course, design also loves the number two (or better used terms: pair or set).  For example, the bedroom below has a fabulous pair of twin beds - such a great idea for an extra guestroom.  I'm not sure where I saved this picture from (sorry blogland) but the linens are most likely Matouk or Jane Wilner.  I love the mix of simple, monogrammed coverlets with a patterned sham.

This is one of my all time favorite bedrooms - it's clean and serene with hints of color and texture. Of course, there are a pair of bedside lamps - but what makes this interesting is the set of mirrors on the bedside tables.  Very clever. 
Image Source Unknown

This family room is extremeley paired up:  set of sofas, set of side chairs, set of lamps, set of side tables...Are you starting to feel you are playing a picture seek game?

Subtle pairings like the family room below are right up my alley - I'm not a very symetrical person in general.  The two printed lounge chairs and stools provide a nice balance to some of the room's singular sensations.

We are very excited to be entering our THIRD year...Oh what will it bring?  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bright Colors: Katie Ridder

I recently came back across this image of a dining room designed by Katie Ridder.  How fun are those turquoise walls and Missoni dining chairs?!?  While I appreciate the look of neutral room - I just have to have color in my life.   Can you imagine the conversations that flow in this dining room?

I love incorporating color bright colors with accent pieces - that way you don't have to commit to one color palette.  We've had this side table (in white) in the shop and I think it makes a perfect bedside table - especially in this apple green.

My new favorite thing, however, is this Parson's side table - it's actually covered in lacquered grasscloth!  It also comes in a navy blue that's just to die for...I had to wipe away the drool when I learned it also comes as a cocktail table. Oh my!

And, then there is the lighting.  Such an important part of the room that so often gets put to the back burner.  I love these gourd lamps in fun shades of blue. 
Ah, I'm in such a good mood now.  Hope you all have a bright and fun day!

Images via Katie Ridder.  Accessories available at Gramercy.


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