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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Between the Sheets with Blue Hydrangea!

We are launching a new series..."Between the Sheets."  The series will have other bloggers, designers and tastemakers fill us in on what design elements are most important in a bedroom.  We are excited to launch our series with the Sensational Sissy from Blue Hydrangea.  She cracks me up on a daily basis with her wit and humor on her blog.  Thanks for visiting!

I was so excited when the girls at Gramercy asked me to be a part of their "Between the Sheets" Series.  I have some definite ideas about bedrooms. 

There are certain pieces I adore in a bedroom.  Number one would have to be an upholstered headboard.  They are a dramatic focal point and don't take up as much space as a four poster bed. 

Another must for me is wall to wall carpet. Oh, stop cringing.  It is not that bad and I love the cozy feel it gives a room.  You can play on the floor with your kids, plop down for exercise and, best of all, you never see dust bunnies.  Maybe I should go ahead and admit that I love a T.V. in the bedroom and, horror of horrors, a ceiling fan.  There! I've said it. You know all my bedroom secrets!! But really, is lying in bed, watching Man Shops Globe with a light breeze blowing on you really so bad?

When making the bed I like to have:
A thick mattress pad, a cotton blanket, a Matelasse coverlet, two pillows for sleeping, several decorative pillows, and for sheets I like white, white and white.

A little color on the trim, a monogram and even stripes and dots are fine as long as the main color is white. And more white.

I also always have a comforter or blanket folded at the end of the bed to pull up if you get cold or if you want to take a nap.  Plus, I think a bed looks naked without a little something at the foot.

Another finishing touch is a bed skirt.  I can't imagine a bed in my house without one.  I feel like they complete the look plus hide all the magazine and books, toys, etc. that I store under our beds. 

Now for lighting...I really like for bedside lamps to match.  Bedside tables, not so much. Go for something different but about the same height.  And they need to be a good size.  Small bedside tables make me nervous.  I am afraid I am going to knock over my water, chapstick, or the all important sound machine.  Plus, I need a place for a big stack of books and magazines.  

So, that's the basics.  Now have some fun.

Make sure you give your bedroom some personality.

It's funny because I do not have wallpaper in my bedroom, but I am drawn to all the rooms that have it.  Hmm...is it time for a change?

Maybe instead of wallpapering my whole bedroom I should get some wallpaper panels.  This is one of my all time favorite bedrooms.  Crisp and cozy at the same time with a little zebra...perfect!

Thanks to the Girls at Gramercy for letting me stop by.  Now if only I could get myself to Atlanta to actually see their fabulous store in person!!
xo, Sissy

pics from:  Beach Bungalow 8, Elle Decor, Kelly Green, David Jimenez, Amanda Tally, Lonny,  Elle Decor, Kelly Green, Lonny, Bonesteel Trout Home.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

California Dreaming: The perfect beach cottage...

If you asked me to describe my most perfect little coastal cottage I would without a doubt describe this special little place on Balboa Island.

First of all, the Hable Construction prints are to die for, and how about the fabulous use of the wallpapers?

And the Mexican tapestry…I die…I have one in yellow and need to break it out and put it to use. I always thought it would be great as a headboard fabric too…

But really, the Smeg fridge…I want it, I NEED it.

I spy something familiar through the kitchen...

The whale wallpaper that Sissy is using in her nursery I posted about way back when...

Love the soothing yet crisp white, pink and turquoise.

Of course, you probably recognize this photo from the Beachbungalow8 post about the cool fiberglass "wicker" set.

All photos from House Beautiful. Click here to read the whole story.

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Art from Rebecca & Shop Photos

A few more paintings from Rebecca arrived at the shop...Love the deep turquoise colors in this first one. 

Perfect trio, right?

We also changed out all of the display beds. While my photographs always have room for improvement, you can get an idea of what is going on in the shop this month...
Crisp and Sunny Delight!

Modern print mixed with traditional monogram...heaven.

This is a customer favorite. You can never go wrong with blue in the bedroom.

Naturally Luxurious.

Nautical-Indian Fusion

A closer look.

The greatest pillow for the sailor at heart.

The sweet baby corner with cozy blankets and bloomers + boxers galore!

A few of our friends wishing you a happy Monday!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Lovin' with Eddie Ross

The Gramercy Girls love a table setting. And this one by Eddie Ross is totally divine.

Love, love, love this ikat fabric by Quadrille. It is on my wish list for a current project.

I think the only thing missing is a pair of these. We embroidered these for a customer at the shop and they were too fun not to share.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's New & Happening at Gramercy

It's been a busy, busy week at the shop.  We've changed out beds, hung new art, rearranged furniture (with more changes coming) and shopped till we dropped at market.  We have so many fun things arriving over the next couple of months. 

One of my favorite new items that will soon be available are these glass, square lamps with gray shades.  Fabulous, right?  The shades can also be ordered in any Benjamin Moore paint color. 

Promise, the new Rebecca Cabassa and store pics will be posted soon! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Artist Love: Rebecca Cabassa

Do you love the painting over the sofa as much as I do?  I would just stare at it dreaming of putting it on my wall.  I took to long to think about it...it's gone.  To a wonderful home where it will get lots of love and admiration.  Here is a close up:

The artist is Rebecca Cabassa and she is amazingly talented.  Cam and Jenny both have her paintings at home.  I'm waiting to move and get settled and I will certainly be selecting a piece for myself.  I am soooo excited because we just switched out all the display beds in the shop AND got several new pieces from Rebecca hung.  I will post these new images shortly.  Until then, another piece that found a new home....

This precious painting is still hanging out with us.  It's a smaller piece (about 14 x 16) but it's just wonderful.

SIDE NOTE:  My photo-taking skills are far from professional and I hope Rebecca will not be insulted about the quality I am showing you...But, you all have great imaginations so you get the idea!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nursery Design + Notations

There are going to be a lot of babies born this fall and winter.  Evidenced by the large number of baby mamas-to-be at the shop - working to make their nursery just perfect before the big arrival.  We just love when this happens so we can pull out our fabrics and play until we find just the right thing for baby girl or boy.  I've noticed an increasing trend in moms wanting a true custom nursery - everything from crib bedding and furniture to lighting, rugs and art.  We love helping put it all together (and getting inspiration from some of our clients amazing ideas). 

One of the the best sources to get inspiration for nurseries (and kids rooms) is "Nursery Notations".  Andrika King is the creative talent behind this delightful blog.  I always encourage people to check it out for great ideas when they are trying to figure out what they want to do in their own nursery.  The picutre above is just one of the many gems that await your eyes! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Trina Turk + Urban Grace

My favorite images today came from the sensational blog, Urban Grace.  I won't recreate the wheel here.  Take a look at this and if you want more go here for the full story.  Us Gramercy Girls LOVE Trina Turk fabric!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Excuse me while I powder my nose...

The powder room.  One of the best rooms to express your boldest design dreams.  It's a great place to try out some of that wallpaper you have been drooling over - the cost is certainly cheaper than doing a whole living or dining room.  Plus, it's contained and can take a bigger pattern. 

I was pleased to see that House Beautiful highlighted 25 of the editor's favorite powder rooms in the July/August issue.  However, several rooms I adore were not included in this article such as the above by Jonathan Berger or this coral and turquoise room.

Of course you've seen this one all over blogland...This China Seas paper is perfectly paired with the custom vanity/sink. 

A slightly softer look - via Simply Seleta
 Another blog favorite is this gorgeous "natural glam" powder room belonging to Aeriel Lauder's.  Speaking of "natural glam," this mosaic bathroom at Shutters on the Beach is jaw-dropping.  I snap pictures (like the one below) every time I'm there.  I aspire to have a powder room with walls like this one day.
Do you have a favorite powder room? 


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