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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Up Against a Wall...

I've been lost in the land of wallpaper removal...We are moving into a temporary rental home and I had the great (read: crazy) idea of removing the old wallpaper in the kitchen and bath myself (read: with my husband).  I was trying to be frugal (read: cheap) and soon learned that wallpaper from the 80's or 90's does not come off easily.  I had heard the horror stories but was certain that I wouldn't have troubles.   

That is the last time I overestimate my abilities!  After hours of steaming and scraping ourselves (I mean the walls) silly, I vowed to never look at another wall covering again. 

Well, that didn't last. There are too many pretty options out there and I know they are much easier to work with these days.

Then, I saw a post on Apartment Therapy with Maxwell's top wallpaper roundup.  Such a great resource if you are in the market from serious stylin' walls.  (Just be sure to leave the hanging and removal to the professionals!)
A few of my favorites below:

Close Up:

Too precious!

Images via 1/ Katie Ridder;  2&3/ Thibaut;  4/ Gracie via Architectural Digest; 5-10/Apartment Therapy

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall inspired bedroom...

Happy Fall - it's here at last! 

Today seemed like a perfect day to feature this cozy, chic room by Miles Redd as seen in House Beautiful.  I love the blend of chocolates, grays and whites with a splash of color.  Pairing the orange throw with the the red curtains keeps the look less formulated (read: matchy, matchy).  Those white washed wood walls...hello, you are beautiful! 

In other news...we had a great event at the shop last night with The Peak of Chic!  A round up of the event, along with Jennifer's tips for creating chic spaces are coming soon! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reminder: Peak of Chic Event with Fun Giveaways!

For those of you in Atlanta come by for our fun event with Jennifer Boles (a.k.a. The Peak of Chic)!

Wednesday, September 22nd

5 pm - 7pm

All guests get to enter for a chance to win one of these great items (all include a custom Gramercy monogram)!

How about some super soft, super absorbent Milagro towels from Matouk?  We have two sets of white towels for a lucky winner.  Matouk also just launched a line of candles with packaging that rivals the wonderful scents. 

Or, maybe a luxurious set of sheets from Peacock Alley.  These 420 thread count Soprano sheets will certainly make you feel like singing in the morning after a restful slumber!

For those chilly fall evenings that are just around the corner a celine throw from Sferra is sure to bring comfort.

Also enjoy a 15% discount on all purchases during the event!!
We will be serving sweet treats and some vino too.
We look forward to seeing you at the shop.

And, for those of you in blogland who can't make the event we will have a recap of Jennifer's "Between the Sheets" later in the week. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrating Friendship & Fall

Jenny is blogging today!
Good friends are good for your soul. And these are my besties…

These girls make my life what it is. And they are just plain beautiful, inside and out. And now most of us have sweet babies (minus Aunt Coco…who might have been just a teensy bit overwhelmed) and they have no choice but to be besties too, right?

We got to spend last week together relaxing and laughing and soaking up some beautiful fall weather. I couldn’t resist sharing a few special pictures.

Matching pajamas from Gramercy, of course!

Of course we couldn't resist adding a custom monogram.  What girls weekend is complete with out comfy, cozy pj's???

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Madeline Weinrib: Showcased in a chic room near you...

This one is for your Melanie P!
{Molly Luetkemeyer via Style Court}

{Laura Stern via Kelly Green}

{Marshall Watson via House of Turquoise}

{House of Turquoise}

{House of Turquoise}

{Sabbe Spot}

{Simply Seleta}

{Mably Handler via House of Turquoise}


{Sally Wheats via Cote de Texas}


Some pretty inspiring rooms.  Add a little Madeline to your life and your room will smile.

We carry Madeline Weinrib at the shop and can order any style. The only problem with these beauties is the fact they can take 18+ weeks for delivery. They are hand-knotted and those knots take some serious time!  We've recently had a run on these rugs but there are a few left in the shop (we are waiting for our order too!) if you are dying to have one right away:
Amagasnsett in cream + brown (7x9)
Mandala in coral (5x7)
Otto in hazelnut (7x9)
Zig Zag in green (3.5x5.5)
Brooke in steel (3.5x5.5)

So, what's your favorite Madeline? 

Have a happy weekend!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Would you or Woodn't you?

Think the title is a typo?  I'm wondering what you all think of these decal headboards.  Would you use one or do you have to have the real wood that they mimic?  I totally get (and appreciate) the concept.  I'm just not sure how they look in a more "grown up" space.  Would (or wood) love to hear your thoughts!

Images (and product available) via :Mina Javid for Blick Wall Graphics as seen in House Beautiful October 2010.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Peak of Chic + Gramercy Event {September 22nd}

Gramercy is getting "Between the Sheets" with The Peak of Chic!

Please join us for an in-shop appearance by Jennifer Boles of Peak of Chic for her Musings on Stylish Living...in the Bedroom. 

Wednesday, September 22nd

5 pm - 7 pm

Peachtree Battle Shopping Center
2351 Peachtree Road
Atlanta GA 30305

Jennifer is going to talk to us about her ideas and inspiration for designing a chic bedroom.  She is quite an expert on fabrics and style (she did just pen the wonderful book for House Beautiful on the top designer fabrics) so you won't want to miss this opportunity!!

We are going to have sweet treats, giveaways and lots of fun!
We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Between the Sheets" with two ellie

It's that time again...we are getting "Between the Sheets" with the fabulous Paula from two ellie.  Many of you probably read her blog already but if not get yourself over there asap (well, after you read her post here).  You will be delighted by her musings on design, entertaining and even voyeurism (what?!?!?).  Paula has a great series where she scours MLS listings to bring us a peak inside some of the most stylish homes in Birmingham.  And, she is super talented behind the lens...I love all of her personal photos.  So, all that being said...Let's see what she has to say about designing a stellar bedroom.
I was ecstatic when Gramercy asked for my input for their new series about bedrooms. My bedroom has been the hardest room to decorate and finally I feel as if I am almost there and to think it took me only a mere 3 and half years, ugh. So naturally I have put a lot of thought into bedrooms, maybe a little too much.
I personally adore neutrals with layers of texture, but for some reason a couple of years ago I thought I would go bold. Big mistake within 6 months I despised it. Lucky for me my husband could not have cared less and allowed me another chance, but on a major budget. So for me a serene somewhat neutral space is a must. That being said there must also be interest. I think this can be achieved through layering, a mix of materials, and the use of pattern all in similar tones.  
I love a crisp white sheet, white duvet, two king pillows to sleep on and a few pillows to layer. Simple to make and looks good. I also love to add a quilt or blanket at the end of the bed which is also great at helping keep the white duvet clean. Finally a coordinating bed skirt helps pull the look all together.

A king size bed is a must. Then again with a husband that is 6'6 we wouldn't really fit in any other size. I love a high headboard to balance out the size of the mattress. We have vaulted ceilings in our bedroom so I think it helps make it all feel more in proportion. A bench or settee at the end of the bed is another favorite. I like to think of it as a place to slip on our shoes in the morning, but my husband likes to think of it as his personnel closet, ha.

I enjoy a bedside table with storage whether shelves or drawers. I am not sure about every one else, but ours become a spot for magazines, books, toys that the kiddos leave in the bed, etc. It's always nice to have a place to put everything. I also do not think they have to match, just coordinate. If they do not match I like to have matching lamps. I feel as if it helps balance it out. I do hope to have matching side table one day though. Something about the symmetry excites me.

I rather like having wall to wall carpet but only in the bedroom. We have standard builders grade, but I think a sisal or something similar would be quite gorgeous. For us the bedroom is also the place we work out and where the kiddos and my husband rough house. Did I mention our bedroom is the largest room in our house? Poor planning on those who built our house.

This is my bedroom currently. I didn't even remove the stack of magazines that I have been going through, but now I kind of wish I had. I still have a bench to add at the end of bed once my dining chairs come back from the reupholsters. Our bench is currently acting as seating for our dining table. As I said I would love to have matching bed side tables, but for now these serve its purpose just fine. I also think art adds a touch of personality. The most important aspect of any bedroom is that it fits you. That you feel most comfortable and at peace. I find the master to be one room that is always on the back burner, but it is the place where we spend most of our time so it should stand out.
Thanks Paula for a terrific post! You did an awesome job on your bedroom.  Thanks for sharing!  ADDED NOTE:  I've received a couple emails about the painting in Paula's bedroom - guess what - it's her own work!  She did an amazing job and is great inspiration for working with what you got - certainly helps when what you've got is talent!
{image 1, via architectural digest}
{image 2, unknown sorry}
{image 3, found via Delight by Design}
{image 4, via cote de texas}
{image 5, elle decor via shelter}
{image 6, Paula's own}
{image 7, Paula's own}

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dynamic Duo: Twin Beds in Pairs

Something that always looks better in pairs - Twin Beds.  A few of my favorites include this room with a soothing palette of blue-green, gray, and chocolate.

Simple and eclectic with white textured spreads and global rug and pillows. Love this collected look that is not over-stylized.

A much blogged about room - this pair of beds have some serious style.

I'm not sure which is better - the room or the view. It's certainly the room with a view!

One would think that high headboards and canopies would be too much paired together but the simple white linens make it work.

 I need my bed on the ground but this swinging style would be fun to try out.

Hello gorgeous fabric on the headboard.  Thank you for keeping this room classic in coral and white.

Like being at a grownup camp.

Mark Ruffalo and his wife are certainly nurturing the creative spirit in their children.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kids room!

I don't have a good picture but my mother-in-law has a pair of antique twin beds with framed christening gowns over each headboard. It's a great look.  My parents have a cozy (read: tiny) attic room with two antique twins nestled in close and comfy. You can literally sleep for days up there.  This may be where I started my passion for beds in pairs.

So, do you like the dynamic duo or, are you more of a singular sensation kind of person?

Images via 1/ House of Turquoise;  2/ Design*Sponge;  3&4&6/ Coastal Living;  5/ Little Blue Deer;  7/ Pink Wallpaper;  8/House Beautiful;  9/ Domino

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How I {wish} I spent my weekend...

I had a dream weekend (in my dreams) where I spent the morning eating breakfast out here - isn't it lovely?

I then took a nice long walk and saw gorgeous flowers like these.

I spent the afternoon on my swinging daybed finishing a book and being lulled to sleep by a gentle breeze.

I then rounded up my dearest family and friends and had an early dinner out here.

After dinner I took a stroll on the beach and dip in the ocean at sunset.


Images via 1/ Tumblr (I can not figure out where-SORRY); 2/ me; 3/ I have no clue - let me know if you do; 4/ Shelter; 5/ me


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